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Wind River Hot Springs, Washington

It took me a couple tries to find these springs, and sometimes they are flooded by high water of the Wind River. Located alongside the river in a steepsided canyon, you won't find much sun. Depending on the time of year and stage of the river you will find none or a few cold or warm soaking pools. Once when I was there (late August) the best pool was sandy bottomed in solid rock with very clear water. The hot water bubbles up from the sandy bottom; there is no source of cooling water.

Evie Litton's book mentions only one access, from private property downstream (pay to park) but I think that one can also enter from upstream. Wind River is a popular steelheading spot and some of the fishermen I've talked to said they came from upstream. There is a small dam a few hundred yards upstream of the pools and one could probably cross the river on the dam.