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Carousel Weddings are a traditional time to use the services of a professional photographer. I spend several hours with my clients well before the wedding day to get to know them and for them to become comfortable with me--after all, I am going to be preserving one of the most memorable events of their lives. This knowledge allows me to concentrate on exactly what will be important to them in photographing the wedding.

I am a recorder of events, not a creator of them. Even during the portrait taking, I will only suggest situations and poses; I want my clients to feel relaxed and natural--and for my pictures to reflect that.

In viewing these examples of my work, you will not see the typical "flash" lighting of many photograpers. I take great care and pride in the natural look of all my photographs.

I offer complete package services that include photography and album with prints. Alternately, I can bill for my time and materials. One advantage of the packages is that all your photography expenses are prepaid.


Why hire a professional photographer for your wedding?

Wedding photography is more than just getting focused, correctly exposed pictures, which most automatic cameras can do reasonably well nowadays. A professional is an artist and his/her images will reflect that artistic skill. A professional can make sure all the pictures you want are taken with the least distraction and will aid in the smooth flow of your day, not hinder it. Finally, by using a professional, you can enjoy your wedding day without any nagging fear that something might go wrong with the pictures.

Do these sound like the kind of memories you want of your wedding? Email us with your wedding date for prices and availability.

Here are some photo samples from recent weddings.