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Scenic Hot Springs, Washington

Spring closed to public a few years ago

All the information on this page is therefore historic

Don't attempt to visit Scenic--you could end up being arrested

Scenic is a very popular spot on the Stevens Pass Hiway (US 2) in Washington. You can find information on how to find it at almost any hot springs web site; I won't waste time repeating it.

Scenic is on private land within the Snoqualmie National Forest. Since it is private you can dress any way you like; most people who visit undress.The absentee owner maintains plausible deniability of the use of the land and the site is maintained by a group called "Friends of Scenic Hot Springs." They have a bank account and a post office box in Skykomish and they gladly accept contributions toward the maintenance of the site.

And is it ever well-maintained! At the head of the trail regularly you will find construction materials to be shlepped up to the springs. Grab a bag or a timber and help out! And almost always there is a member of the Friends on site. They are there because they enjoy the springs, but they also serve to encourage the users not to abuse the site and to carry out their garbage.

Over the years the site has grown to four large soaking tubs, wooden and about three feet deep (one is currently being rebuilt). They have plastic liners and by an ingenious system of syphon hoses the tubs can be kept scrupulously clean. The site is anchored to a steep hillside overlooking Stevens Pass Hiway and the Tye River valley. The Friends have constructed decks and benches around all the tubs. It's great for sunbathing or feeding the Stellar Jays (camprobbers) which also like to hang out at Scenic.

On a busy day you can find 20 or more people using the site at any time. Just above the site are several spots for tents and overnight camping. To keep everything sanitary, Friends of Scenic has even built a pit toilet with a sweeping view across the valley. Each soaking tub is named and sand-cast art decorate the tubs.

I have to say that Scenic is the cleanest, friendliest and most beautiful of all the easily accessible springs I have visited. If you visit don't abuse the privilege: carry up some construction materials and carry out all your garbage.